Shadow Hills 2021

What to Expect

in 2021

If you've been "waiting for the right time",

This May Be It

The Present--and near Future--Look Bright

By all indications, 2021 promises to be a banner year for Sellers in the Foothills, and Shadow Hills is no exception.

In some ways, it's just a continuation of what we saw in 2020, when Tucson experienced an unprecedented Seller's Market.  Shadow Hills was case in point.

Median and average sales prices are continuing a strong forward trend, with the both numbers for 2020 setting new highs, and with no signs of slowing:

       Average Sale Price, Shadow Hills:
                    2020: $620k
                    2019: $589k
                    2018: $580k
                    2017: $520k
                    2016: $497k

Notably, though, the trend seems to be pointing upward from therewith the average of the 11 sales in the second half of 2020 (Jul-Dec2020) in excess of $656k.

Homes are selling quickly, too.

Click here to see my new listing on Camino de la Sombra. 

It received calls and showing requests from over 25 agents in the first 48 hours on market, with multiple offers, just two weeks ago!  Most if not almost all of those buyers are still circling the foothills, hoping for another Shadow Hills home to become available.

Interested in what value your home might represent? Start by using this online tool, which provides three algorithm-driven looks at comparable home values.

What's My home worth?

Expertise Matters

While that's a place to start, I encourage anyone to remember that algorithms don't buy houses, people with agents DO.

To get the most accurate read on what buyers with agents might offer for your home in 2021, please feel free to contact me on 520.965.5508.  (I also represent several buyers in different price ranges who are actively focused on Shadow Hills right now, and hoping to find their home here soon.  Please don't hesitate to call me!)

The best position for a Seller to be in, in any market, is being served by a full-time agent who not only specializes in the neighborhood, but who has recent, relevant experience working with both buyers and sellers.  I keep a neighborhood dashboard updated, just to track activity in Shadow Hills, here.

shadow hills specialist

What Will 2021 Bring?

The prospects for the coming quarter or more are excellent for Sellers here.

By all indications, the major factors driving the seller's market will remain through the coming 3-6 months:

1) scarce inventory (as of 27DEC there were only about 1000 Actives in the general Tucson area -- one would need to see about 3x that to even begin to feel "balanced") ; Shadow Hills is even tighter, with only one active heading into 2021, after seeing only five new listings in the last 4 months of the year.

2) ultra-low mortgage interest rates (many buyers are able to borrow an below 2.75%, which only boosts their buying power).

3) continued influx of out-of-market buyers, many with cash (the burgeoning work-from-home trend will only reinforce this, with more and more urban buyers relocating for lifestyle to places like Tucson).

There is every reason to believe that the first half of 2021 will continue this strong positive price trend, with Seller's maximizing their equity returns, and minimizing time on market.

It's Never "Too Early"

If you're considering making a move in the near or intermediate term, and are curious what the real estate market might hold in store for you when the time is right, I encourage you to reach out to an expert who knows the neighborhood and who is active in the market everyday, representing buyers and sellers.

It's never too early to get started learning more about what lies ahead, especially if you've owned your home here in the neighborhood for the long-term.  Many of our neighbors here in Shadow Hills haven't been a part of a real estate transaction for years (sometimes decades!).  Some things may be much easier and more straightforward that you'd thought, and some might be more complicated-- it's better to know and plan ahead than be rushed at the end, though.  I often am able to engage with and help my neighbors a year or more before they're ready to move.  I consider myself blessed to be able to work with and advise neighbors (and soon-to-be neighbors!) in Shadow Hills, in all phases of the process, and take great pride in providing well-grounded, focused, and caring service to my clients. 

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