Most Wanted: Mid Sized Homes in Shadow Hills

Shadow Hills

"Most Wanted":

The numbers speak for themselves:

Since March, 5 mid-sized homes have Sold

in Shadow Hills for an average of over $574k,

with two of those selling for $617k and $619k,

despite the COVID19 environment.

"Just Right": 2400-2900 sqft

The sales record just serves to reinforce what I hear

from Buyers and their Agents again and again:

mid-sized 3 and 4 Bedroom homes between 2400-2900 sqft

in Shadow Hills are in the highest demand.


These homes, which comprise about a third of the overall inventory in our neighborhood,

are sought after by two primary buyer groups. 

Who are those groups?

One of the keys to understanding your home's potential value in the market is knowing who your buyers are and what specific qualities they're looking for.

Is now the right time?

Just as important is understanding how timing, especially now,

is key to maximizing your value.

To see what mid-sized homes have sold for in Shadow Hills,

along with what's on the market now, start here.

If you're interested in a more detailed analysis of what potential value your home

represents in today's seller's market, please feel free to call me on 520.965.5508.