Shadow Hills 2019 in Review


2019 Market Year in Review

It was a strong year for the Foothills real estate market in general, marked by low inventory, sustained demand from buyers, and appropriately priced properties with desirable features tending to go quickly.  For a start, here's a look at the overall 2019 numbers in our neighborhood:

Total number of Houses sold on Market in Shadow Hills: 


Average Sales price:


Median Sales price:


Average Days on Market



Just seeing the numbers for 2019 on their own aren't particulary instructive, though.  Looking back at the previous four years or so, we can start to make some conclusions on the strength of our neighborhood market going into 2020...

What does 2020 hold in store for Shadow Hills

Sellers and Buyers?

Some basic tenets are sure to carry over into and through the first half of 2020 in Shadow Hills:

  • Inventory will remain low overall (read: "Supply" of available homes)
  • Macro trends like favorable interest rates, accrued appreciations in equity markets, and Buyers realized gains from other higher-valued markets will continue to boost buying power.
  • Local trends like sustained professional sector job growth will continue to pull buyers to Tucson

The Bottomline: Supply will remain low, relative to increasing demand, and we should continue to see appreciating listing and sales prices into the year.

What does this mean for YOU?

If you're a Shadow Hills homeowner, and are considering if now might be the right time to think about selling and moving on, you'll likely have a lot of interest from Buyers.  It isn't easy as just "putting the sign out", though: Buyers are looking for specific combinations of factors and elements here In Shadow Hills.  Knowing who your buyers are, and how to present and market your home to best capture the highest value offers in a short amount of time is more Art than it is science.  You'll be well-served to work with a neighborhood specialist who can help guide you through the process and help you realize the most value that you can.  

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I always look forward to talking with my neighbors about the market, their homes, and their hopes for the future.